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Stone Espresso
Rocket Espresso was started by the New Zealander Andrew Meo and Italian Daniele Berembruch with a specific goal: create beautiful hand-made espresso machines that make the best espresso. They say "Fatto a Mano", we say “hand-made” and the world says “perfection”.

Some people say that the espresso machines made by the Italian company in the 80s are legendary. Rocket Espresso bought the rights to make them and in recent years, they have worked towards creating the best experience for all coffee lovers. They make coffee machines and accessories, for example froth jugs and presses.
Service and repair

Monteriva is general agent for coffee machines from Rocket Espresso. We perform service and repair on all coffee machines from Rocket Espresso. We usually service large espresso machines at the customer's premises, contact our Customer Service for booking.


Monteriva handles warranty cases for all coffee machines that we have sold directly or through one of our dealers. Coffee machines are handed in to us for warranty cases. If you are considering a purchase, you should think about the importance of good service and support. Read more about our terms of purchase and warranty here.