La Marzocco

In the beginning of the 20th century there were many attempts to make espresso machines in Italy. Among these innovative coffee enthusiasts there was Giuseppe Bambi, a man with strong personality who wanted to create something new and established his own business and workshop.

The production of the model "Fiorenza", which he created together with his brother Bruno, led to him designing and building coffee machines. In 1927 the brothers started their own business, Officina Fratelli Bambi. There were tough years and every sold machine was a victory and triumph for the brothers. The company changed their symbol to a "Marzocco", a majestic lion sitting with a Florentine lily and their name to La Marzocco since "Marzocco" represents victory and triumph.

Monteriva performs service and repairs of coffee machines from this brand. If you wonder if your machine is eligible for service or repair at Monteriva, we ask you to contact our Customer Service.