A thorough cleaning of the grinder can make a big difference. The removal of the built-up coffee residues means that the beans can go through the grinder more smoothly and the taste of the coffee is better. The following steps are simple and quick and you only need to do them once a week. We have compiled a pdf with the instructions on how to clean the grinder for those of you who want print them.

Start by closing the bean intake by pushing in the tray. Grind out all the coffee that is still in the grinder casing. Then remove the bean container from the grinder and pour the beans into a bowl. Spray the inside of the bean container with Puly Igienic and wipe clean with a Macchina cloth. Then polish with a Barista cloth.

Put 1-2 sachets of Puly Grind or a tablet of Grindz into the burr. Mount the bean container and fill it with beans. Open the bean intake and grind coffee until there are no white dots in the coffee powder. The grinder is now ready to be used as usual.