Barista course

Monteriva now offers a saught-after barista course for home users. From 11am to 2 pm on selected days we offer a 3-hour long barista course at home, where a sandwich (and a lot of coffee of course) is included. 

The course is held by an experienced barista who will teach you both the theory and practical skills about all things coffee. You will be able to use our espresso machines and our barista will assist you along the way to get the best possible result. All questions are good questions, so you are welcome to ask anything during the course. The number of participants per course is approximately 10 and thus the course becomes personal and everyone gets the time and knowledge they desire. To simplify the training process, you will each be given a pamphlet with, among other things, coffee recipes that you are welcome to keep and use at home to make the perfect coffee.


The Barista course requires no prior knowledge. It suits those of you who are considering buying an espresso machine and those of you who already have an espresso machine and want to know more. Anyone who wants to learn more about coffee is more welcome to attend. The course is primarily aimed at those who want to make better coffee at home.

There are also courses for you who work professionally as a barista. Please contact our Customer Service if such a course is desired.


All courses are unique and the content is tailored to the participants. The course will therefore be different each time, but the basics are always the same. A short introduction to the history of coffee and different recipes is the starting point. During this time you will get to know the other participants as well to feel at ease in each other’s presence. After the introduction you will learn more about the 3 pillars of the course: