Filter Coffee

Brewed coffee is a tradition that has mainly emerged in northern Europe and North America. The starting point is that water of approximately 96 degrees C is poured over ground coffee which is in a filter.

The grinding of the coffee powder is generally coarser than for brewing espresso or mocha. It has the same functions these two in that the degree of grinding affects the brewing time for the coffee and needs to be adapted to the size of the brewer.

The contact time between coffee powder and water is normally 5-7 minutes for brewed coffee, in comparison to espresso which is 25 seconds. The difference is also that the extraction of brewed coffee is done without pressure.

* Espresso
* Double espresso
* Ristretto
* Lungo
* Americano
* Macchiato
* Cortado
* Cappuccino
* Flat white
* Caffè latte
* Latte macchiato
* Caffè mocha
* Moka
* Brewed coffee
* Café au lait
* Press coffee
* Ice latte
* Freddo cappuccino
* Frappé
* Chai latte
* Affogato