It should be easy to enter a lease with us. You should feel confident in knowing what it means and what it will look like. In order to experience this security, we have chosen to include basically everything in our offers. The price you get from us is the final price. Service and training are included in the lease, which means you will know exactly how much the dishwasher is going to cost and there are no additional fees. We do this to get happy customers.

Service, support and extended warranty in the rental price are included in the lease. All costs for maintenance and repairs are included when consumables are purchased from Monteriva. This means that there are no additional costs for the machine in addition to the rental costs, as long as you are a loyal customer of consumables. When you lease from us, we take full responsibility for the product. We perform scheduled service, train you in how the product should be used and cleaned and provide you with everything you need for a perfect experience. We are responsible for everything running smoothly for you to be able to carry out your job as usual without any inconvenience.

The prices for the machines applies to a 36-month lease and are excluding VAT, set-up and notification fees. Short-term lease is also possible, please contact us for more information about this.

You can lease coffee machines and coffee grinders of all different types as well as dishwashers and water dispensers from us. You can find a selection of the products we offer for leasing below. The complete selection can be found under each subpage. Click on the selected product to see the leasing price.
Fully automatic coffee machines provides convenient freshly brewed coffee. Perfect for work or service stores. Monteriva works with the best brands that make great coffee and have good operational reliability. They grind whole coffee beans when you press the button. Some models have two grinders so you can serve both espresso and brewed filter coffee. In addition to coffee you can get frothed milk and hot chocolate. You need to decide whether you want to use fresh milk of if you prefer the convenience of milk powder.
There are many different kinds of coffee machines, everything from 1-group espresso machines to large fully automatic coffee machines and everything in between. There is something to satisfy every need. When you need something that is simple to use and maintain, but still want to serve great coffee, our automatic coffee machines are the best solution. They can make hundreds of cups of coffee without any assistance. But if you want to serve coffee in an open-air café or in an office, maybe you should consider a semi-automatic espresso machine instead.

Professional espresso machines are designed to make many cups every day. Cafées and restaurants is the natural place for these machines, but also when you want really good coffee in the workplace. Larger espresso machines are connected to water and sewage networks. Electrical connection is usually with 3-phase for machines with two or more brew groups.
Espresso machines for semi-professional use are designed like machines for coffee shops, but are smaller in size. They are ideal for those of you who are looking for uncompromising coffee quality at work. The espresso machines have an integrated water container and some of them can be connected to the water supply network. You can froth milk and brew espresso at the same time and you can make many consecutive cups. A good complement to the coffee machine at work.
The coffee grinders we offer are mostly focused on coffee bars as it is mainly the larger coffee grinders that we lease. We also lease coffee grinders to companies. Coffee grinders for professional and semi-professional use are fast and robust. They grind the coffee with high quality even if you consume great amounts every day. If consumption is high, we recommend grinders with conical burrs. The conical burrs have a larger contact surface with the coffee and can then rotate more slowly and give lower heat generation than those with flat burrs.
We have coffee makers that are suitable for smaller cafes or workplaces to big restaurants or events. The most common is a usual coffee maker with a glass jug, but if the coffee need to last longer, we recommend a thermos brewer. They keep temperature and quality for up to four hours. So whether you need 20 or hundreds of cups per day, we have the solution for you.
The water dispensers come from Borg & Overström who produce their machines in the UK. Since 2002, they have been producing water machines that are used around the world. And they know that in order to satisfy everyone, there must be different choices. Room temperature, chilled or bubbling water, why choose when you can get them all? All you have to do is choose which tap you like the best and then the people who drink the water can make their own choices.
The dishwashers we lease come from the reliable German brand Winterhalter. We wanted to find the solution after experiencing dishwashers in cafées and restaurants that never seem to do the job. That solution is Winterhalters dishwashers. Not only do they do a good job, they make it fast. It takes 2 minutes for these dishwashers to clean the dishes and the result is fantastic.