Caffè Latte

Caffè latte is coffee that is brewed in an espresso machine with steam-heated milk. The milk makes the coffee milder and sweeter.

Brew a double espresso in a glass or a big cup. Froth milk and pour over the coffee. The volume of the glass should be 250-350 ml, which is approximately the same size as regular take-away cups.

Originally, caffè latte was served with a single espresso in a glass with a volume of about 200 ml. Now the trend has changed as we are influenced by USA and larger serving volumes, like our latte mug of approximately 450 ml.

If you want a milder latte, you can order "a small latte" or "a simple one", which is made with a single espresso as a base.

To brew an espresso you need an espresso machine and a grinder.

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