A cup of coffee, please... is not enough to describe what you want anymore. Before the Italian coffee tradition made an entrance, the discussion was possibly about whether you wanted a splash of milk. At the most, you added some sugar.

We have gathered the most common recipes that you should know when working in a café, but also some special recipes that can be fun for coffee enthusiasts. Even if not all recipes are on the menu, you can still serve the coffee according to the customer's wishes.

To be able to master these coffee recipes, it is good to know the basics beforehand. The link below describes in detail how to brew an espresso, if you want a less comprehensive description of this, just click on Espresso in the sidebar.

Read about espresso brewing

Like we mentioned earlier, the key to a nice cup of coffee are the basics. All coffee recipes contain milk, but if you want to make a coffee drink with frothed milk, we suggest you read our guide, which can be accessed via the link below.

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