Caffè Ristretto is coffee brewed on an espresso machine. The recipe stems from the original espresso, but the brewing time is interrupted when there’s 15 - 20 ml of brewed coffee in the cup. The result is a more concentrated drink than the espresso.

The starting point is to interrupt the brewing when a smaller amount of coffee is brewed, which gives a brewing time of approximately 18 -20 seconds if no other parameters are adjusted. By increasing the dosage of coffee powder or harder packing of the coffee, you can increase the brewing time.

* Espresso
* Double espresso
* Ristretto
* Lungo
* Americano
* Macchiato
* Cortado
* Cappuccino
* Flat white
* Caffè latte
* Latte macchiato
* Caffè mocha
* Moka
* Brewed coffee
* Café au lait
* Press coffee
* Ice latte
* Freddo cappuccino
* Frappé
* Chai latte
* Affogato