Caffè Americano is coffee that is brewed with an espresso machine. The recipe consists of espresso that is diluted with hot water. The end result is thus milder and more like Swedish brewed coffee in concentration.

Start by filling the cup with the desired amount of hot water. Then brew an espresso over the hot water. For a single espresso 100 ml of hot water is a suitable amount and is served in a cappuccino cup. Most people who order an Americano usually want more to drink and then it is advisable to use about 200 ml of hot water and then brew a double espresso.

* Espresso
* Double espresso
* Ristretto
* Lungo
* Americano
* Macchiato
* Cortado
* Cappuccino
* Flat white
* Caffè latte
* Latte macchiato
* Caffè mocha
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* Brewed coffee
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