VBM has designed, manufactured and sold espresso machines worldwide since January 12 1976.

VBM has its roots in the espresso machine company FAEMA from Milan. The founder of FAEMA, Carlo Ernesto Valente, had revolutionized the coffee industry since 1945 with innovative technique that is used in espresso machines to this day. During the 70s, FAEMA was considered one of the best in the business, but financial problems led to its downfall and the company was handed over to the Italian state in 1976.

Valente didn't give up that easily. He regrouped and established a new company: Vibiemme. That's the Italian pronunciation of V-B-M after the three men in FAEMAs management board: V (Valente), B (Biancolini) and M (Meroni). The philosophy of the highest quality behind every part of an espresso machine led to perfection.

Monteriva performs service and repairs of coffee machines from this brand. If you wonder if your machine is eligible for service or repair at Monteriva, we ask you to contact our Customer Service.