Coffee machines need regular service for good performance and reliability. Whether you use the machines a couple of hundred times a day or just to brew the morning coffee for the family, the espresso machine needs a little help so you can enjoy your coffee.
We recommend our service agreements so that you can be sure of having a machine in perfect condition. What needs to be changed regularly are gaskets and strainers in the bridge groups. We recommend changing twice a year. For customers who run a café or restaurant, or if you have signed a service agreement, our on-call service is available 24 hours a day on our switchboard number, which you can find under Customer Service. Regardless of whether you have a service agreement with us, we can help with ongoing service and repairs of coffee machines.
Machines for home use and semi-pro that need service are left at one of our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö. In Stockholm, you are welcome without prior registration during the store's opening hours. Pre-registered visit is necessary for submission in Gothenburg and Malmö. We service larger machines at cafés, restaurants and companies on site. Call and book service.

Spare parts are in stock for immediate repair for most traditional espresso machines on the market. For fully automatic machines, we are mainly focused on the quality brands we have selected. It's mainly coffee machines from WMF, Carimali, Bonamat and Bianchi Vending.
We have free support for our customers. This means that you can call us if you have questions about the following.:

  • How to set the dosage on the espresso machine
  • The espresso machine is cold
  • Water is leaking from the espresso machine
  • The coffee is brewed too fastit keeps dripping bara droppar/there’s no flow
Contact our Service Department at and a technician will get back to you.
Cleaning makes a difference. Often coffee machines do not need service but just a little cleaning. It is very important to keep the espresso machine and grinder clean in order to reach their full potential. This ensures that every cup of coffee tastes good and it makes your customers return day after day with a smile on their face. It’s not difficult to keep the coffee machine clean, everybody can follow our simple instructions. Click here to access our article about cleaning.


Billing includes every started hour from when the car journey with technicians at the company's premises starts until the work is completed and the car with the technician is back at the company's premises. Car cost will be added for on-site service.

When handing in a machine from a private individual to our workshop, only one started hour and the cost of any spare parts is usually charged.

  • Started hour 800/1,000 SEK (incl/excl VAT)
  • Started hour WMF 1,090/1,365 SEK (incl/excl VAT)
  • Car fee 300/375 SEK (incl/excl VAT)