When you are going to meet new or existing customers, it often starts with trying to create a pleasant situation. When your customer feels welcome, you can move on in the conversation. An important part of creating a pleasant situation is to offer coffee. But if you want satisfied customers, that is not enough. It needs to be good coffee.

Everyone should have the right to good coffee at work. Admittedly, there are many different ideas about what good coffee is, but we have decided on what we think is good coffee. A coffee originating in Italy. It seems that we are not the only ones. In the last 10-15 years, the Swedish coffee culture has changed fundamentally. It is no longer coffee that applies. Most of us drink latte, espresso or cappuccino instead. But you can not make good coffee without good beans. We have our own production of coffee in Italy where our roasters have tradition and experience over several generations. In our range, there is a great variety for you to get the best coffee for your particular machine.


In a workplace there's often not the tome nor place for advanced espresso machines. It must be simple and relatively fast. Our business concept is based on that. Quick, easy and smart, without taking focus from the good taste. We offer a push-a-button solution with free service, support, spare parts and maintenance. We also make sure that there is good coffee and accessories on site.

With more than 20 years of experience in coffee and coffee machines for cafes, restaurants and hotels, we know what it takes to get a really good coffee at work. With good coffee machines, a large variety of good beans and our push-a-button solution, we achieve the best results. We work with some of the world's leading manufacturers of coffee machines for offices and public environments. Our machines make coffee in the same way as an espresso machine, it heats water and squeezes it through freshly ground coffee. The coffee machines can make espresso, cappuccino, caffè latte and chailatte, among other things. We have machines with or without water connection, fresh milk or powdered milk, coin toss or free. Of course, we also have solutions for you who want regular brewed coffee.

The choice between a fully automatic coffee machine that uses fresh milk or powdered milk can be difficult. Fresh milk gives a fuller taste, but the machine itself can be a little harder to maintain. Powdered milk, on the other hand, gives a slightly less complex taste, but the cleaning and maintenance is easier. The difference in price is relatively small, but a fully automatic machine that uses fresh milk I in general a bit more expensive as the technology is more complicated. If you are willing to compromise on the taste a bit, the dry milk version is preferable, but if you want the best possible result, we recommend the fresh milk version.
Water, water everywhere... but not always as tasty or cold. We offer water dispensers with carbon dioxide function, cooler and / or heater. Practical and good-looking water machines adapted for all types of purposes. Some are freestanding and can be moved as needed and others can be built in for a nice and discreet solution.

Instead of buying bottled water, and thus contributing to greater plastic consumption, water machines offer a more environmentally friendly alternative. Water machines are made of sustainable materials and the production requires in relation to service life significantly less material than the corresponding production and service life of water bottles. You also do not need to flush water to get the desired cooling. Just place a glass under the tap and hold the button until the desired water level is reached. No unnecessary wastewater is added. Built-in water filters purify the water from unwanted particles and chemicals that occur naturally in tap water.

When you have finished the coffee, the most boring task remains: doing the dishes. We offer solutions that are attractive to all companies. Shiny clean dishes in under 2 minutes is what our professional dishwashers are capable of. Easy to use and with a discreet appearance. The machines are available in different sizes and there's one machine for every place. The maintenance is simple and if you encounter any problems, we are happy to help.

Our lease agreements do not only include the product itself. When you lease something from us, we take full responsibility for the product. We service when the machine needs it, educate you in how the product should be cleaned and provide you with everything you need for a perfect experience. Our responsibility is that everything works smoothly, so you can do your job as usual without any problems.