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Espresso bar at the exhibition
The most visited trade exhibition stands are those that can offer the best espresso. It may sound cheeky, but there are good reasons why our customers return to us. We adjust our service to the surroundings. You can choose to only rent the equipment, coffee and/or accessories. You may want our professional baristas to serve the coffee so you can take care of the customers. Do you want to serve 100 or 1000 cups per day? We adapt to your needs. To serve many cups, equipment is needed that meets those requirements. An espresso machine with two brew groups can deliver over a hundred cups per hour with the right barista. It also provides enough steam to froth a lot of milk.

In most cases, the stand builder arranges the work surface in consultation with us so that we can fit the equipment and it functions as a good bar. A 3-phase electrical connection is required for a larger espresso machine, expect peaks around 6 kW for the coffee machines. Connection for water and sewage is not necessary normally.