Cafés and Restaurants

Professional customers, those who sell cups for a fee, form the basis of our business. We provide our knowledge and service when needed. For you who run a café or restaurant, it is not enough to just have a box of coffee delivered.

We train your staff so they know how to brew coffee correctly. We regularly hold the barista training on our premises so that the participants get the most out of it.

The equipment must be right for you, and we have everything you need, regardless of whether it is a small or large business. We perform continuous maintenance with regular service and repairs when needed. This also applies if you already have equipment from a brand we do not sell. We have northern Europe's most extensive stock of spare parts so that we can repair what has broken down immediately.

Our range includes everything from coffee machines to products and accessories needed to brew and serve coffee.

As a barista in a café or restaurant, you need many skills, but you also need some accessories for everything to go together. Below is a link to various accessories that a barista may need.

Accessories to barista


Once the barista accessories have been purchased, everything must be served to the customer in some way. Then you can take advantage of these products that are linked below.

Accessories to serving


We understand that you may not want to go and buy a large coffee machine for quite a lot of money. In that case it may be a better idea to rent a machine instead. Then you can also choose how long you want to rent the machine for. We do everything to satisfy our customers. Below is a link if you want to read about different leases and what each of them cost and if you have questions, just contact our customer service.

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