Freddo cappuccino

Freddo cappuccino derives from Greece and can be ordered in practically every bar in the country. It contains espresso, milk, ice and often some kind of sweetener. What distinguishes this drink from an ice latte is the consistency and the way you make the drink.

  • Fill a glass with a lot of ice.
  • Brew an espresso, single or double depending on desired intensity, and cool it down. The fastest way to cool down the espresso is to pour it into the ice-filled glass and stir.
  • Then you add a sweetener or flavouring, as cold coffee has a bitter taste and a sweetener is often. Stir the sweetener and espresso until mixed. After that the milk needs whipping. A tip is to use lactose free milk. After having made many freddo cappuccinos in the head office, we have discovered that lactose milk makes the milk extra creamy and fluffy!
  • To whip the milk, you can use a couple of different ways depending on equipment and time. Cafées can use can use, for example, an F4 hand mixer that whips the milk in no time. For home use, you can use a blender, hand mixer or a regular whisk. The milk is whipped and a creamy result is to be achieved, which is then poured onto the coffee mixture. The goal is for the milk to create a layer on top of the coffee that the customer or the person who is going to drink the drink can stir around.
  • Now the drink is ready to be enjoyed, preferably with a straw so that you can mix everything and get through the ice!

To brew an espresso you need an espresso machine and a grinder.

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