Flat White

Flat white is like a mixture of cappuccino and caffè latte. You want the amount of a cappuccino, but the milk should be frothed like in a caffè latte. The proportions are 1/3 of espresso and 2/3 smooth frothed milk.
Where this drink comes from is not entirely certain, both Australia and New Zealand claim to have invented the drink

Brew a double espresso in a porcelain cup with just over 160 ml in volume. Froth the milk while brewing the coffee. The milk should be frothed so that almost no foam is created like a traditional caffè latte. The idea is that the milk should be mixed with espresso almost completely. Pour the milk close to the surface of the coffee to minimize bubbles. Serve immediately!

To brew an espresso you need an espresso machine and a grinder.

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