Espresso is the actual brewing method for the coffee that is brewed on an espresso machine. To get the right taste, 25 ml of espresso is brewed in 25 seconds. In Italy, you only order a coffee, but the name of the brewing method has become synonymous with the recipe in the rest of the world. In any case, a single espresso is the basis for all good things.

The starting point is to have whole roasted coffee beans. Roasting and selection of beans is of course a personal choice. Most espresso blends include some proportion of robust beans. They contribute to a stronger taste experience and give more crema (the foam).

Grind the beans in the filter just before brewing. The starting point is 7 grams with the single filter. Then pack the coffee powder evenly. Immediately brew the coffee on the espresso machine.

For best taste, the brewing time should be about 25 seconds and during that time it should make 25 ml of coffee. To achieve this, the degree of grinding needs to be adjusted correctly. You can also adjust the amount of coffee added to the filter to affect the flow. Adjusting how hard you pack the coffee also affects the flow. The most important adjustment, however, is the degree of grinding.

To brew an espresso you need an espresso machine and a grinder.

Espresso machines for home use
Coffee grinders for home use

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