Caffè Mocha

Caffè Mocha, Mocha Latte or Mocaccino... this beloved coffe drink has many names. Essentially it’s a latte with chocolate flavour. This slightly sweetened drink is often appreciated by new coffee drinkers as it is very balanced in taste.

Brew a single or double espresso in a big cup or latte glass. Froth milk as if you would do a latte while the coffee is brewing. Then pour a small amount of the milk over the espresso. Take a scoop (approx. 2 table spoons) Cioccolato Tradizionale, or 1 part cocoa powder and 2 parts sugar, and pour it into the espresso and milk mixture. Stir until there are no visible lumps. Then fill the cup or glass with the remaining frothed milk. Serve as is or sprinkle some cocoa powder on top for a little more luxurious feeling.

To brew an espresso you need an espresso machine and a grinder.

Espresso machines for home use
Coffee grinders for home use

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