Cleaning at the end of the day is a must for all cafes and restaurants that want to keep their customers happy. It may take a few extra minutes every day, but we guarantee that this will prevent problems and difficulties that you might otherwise encounter. Just follow these simple steps for a perfect result. If you want to print out the instructions, we have compiled a pdf.

Mix 2–4 centilitres of Puly Mjölkrengöring in a glass with cold water. Open the steam for 10 seconds to heat the steam pipe. Turn off the steam and place the steam pipe in the glass with cleaning liquid. This liquid is sucked into the steam pipe and dissolves milk residues that have built up during the day. Perform the same procedure for all steam pipes that have been used. Leave the steam pipe soaked while the other steps are performed. Then remove the cleaning fluid from the steam pipes. Blow out the steam thoroughly and wipe the steam pipe with a Latte cloth.

Take out the filters from the handles and place them all in a container. Pour 3–4 tablespoons Puly Caff Plus powder in the container. Fill up with hot water so the metal parts are completely soaked. Leave them while the other steps are performed.

Brush the brew groups with the cleaning brush around the inner sides. This is to remove coffee residues stuck in the brew group.

Place a blind sieve (sieve without holes) in a filter holder. Fill the blind sieve with 1 teaspoon of Puly Caff Plus powder and place the handle in the brew unit. Switch the brewing on / off with the manual brew button (or the lever on a manual machine). The brewing only needs to be running for a few seconds for there to be pressure in the group. Repeat 10–15 times. Remove the handle from the brew group and rinse for 10 seconds or until the water is clear. Repeat the step for all brew units.

Empty the container with handle and filter. Rinse all parts thoroughly. Mount the filters in the handles and place them in the brew groups. It is a good idea to lift out the drip tray for rinsing and wiping in a sink. Wipe off and put a tablespoon of Puly Caff Plus in the collection container under the drip tray. Add a couple of decilitres of hot water. This means that the flow in the drain is smooth.

Wipe the machine with a damp Macchina cloth to remove fingerprints, coffee residues etc. Spray the machine with Puly Igienic spray and polish with a dry Barista cloth to remove any water stripes to get a shiny result.