Fully automatic

The push-button coffee machines have the same simplicity as a capsule machine but a higher purchase price. The advantage is that you can freely choose coffee. In addition, it grinds the coffee when brewing.

In general, most fully automatic coffee machines are best suited for brewing slightly larger cups of coffee such as caffè lungo. Most coffee machines are built almost exclusively in plastic, including the brewing unit itself. Plastic is very bad at conducting heat and the temperature stability suffers from it - and thus the coffee taste.

A few tips on how you can improve the taste experience on a fully automatic machine:

  • Set the grinder so that it grinds as fine grains as possible, it increases the brewing time and draws out the right aromas from the coffee.
  • Increase the coffee dosage, more coffee gives more flavor and it increases the resistance so that the coffee flows more slowly.
  • Activate the function of pre-soaking if the machine has it, usually improves the extraction.
  • The starting point is that espresso is brewed in 25 seconds (from the time the pump starts working) and there should be 25 ml of coffee in the cup.
At work, it can be very practical with a fully automatic machine because it is easy to use. In addition, the office-adapted machines often offer milk and chocolate, which provides a varied range of beverages.

There is a large variation in the price of fully automatic machines and it is not certain that the coffee tastes better because the machine costs more. But there are usually more features and a more solid design on more expensive machines.
At home it can be practical to just push a button to get the morning coffee. Some models even froth the milk automatically for a good cappuccino or caffè latte.
At work it's practical to have a fully automatic coffee machine. It always brews fresh coffee from whole beans. Coffee with milk is served with fresh milk or with milk powder for minor cleaning and maintenance requirements.