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Ascaso makes espresso machines and accessories created for everyone from the beginner and home user to the expert and professional use.

Ascaso is aSpanish company from Barcelona that was founded in 1962 by Jesús Ascaso. From the beginning, only spare parts for espresso machines were manufactured and sold, but after a lot of expansions, espresso machines, coffee grinders and spare parts as well as other accessories that a coffee drinker needs are now manufactured in their 10,000m² large factory on the outskirts of Barcelona. 85 employees hand-manufacture the entire Ascaso range with the utmost care. Monteriva is the general agent for Ascaso Factory in Sweden.

That their machines look like unique craftsmanship is only natural when you walk the small, perfectly lined corridors in the factory. The employees who work in the hallways wear black sweaters with a charming print portraying a silhouette of their world-famous Dream espresso machine. The heat from the Spanish climate is penetrating and fans are placed next to each employee together with a bunch of water bottles. After all, concentration is the only thing you can see in their eyes. Every detail must be just right and everything must be treated with the utmost care. Part of Ascaso's philosophy is that everything should be done with love and it really is.

Ascaso likes to upgrade little-by-little and is constantly developing new, improved parts for the machines. In the process of developing a new component, it is thoroughly tested to ensure that it works properly. A machine is assembled by hand with precision where the new upgraded part can be included. And when everything seems to be ready, the machine undergoes a number of different tests. In their "Top Secret" test room, only authorized and Wikileaks are jokingly welcomed. The machine is tested over and over again to ensure that everything is correct and that the new component contributes to an improvement. Ascaso's endeavor is a genuinely reliable machine that lasts a long time.

Service and repair

Monteriva is general agent for coffee machines from Ascaso. Vi perform service and repair on all coffee machines from Ascaso. Semi-professional espresso machines are normally handed in to our store for service and repair. In Stockholm, it does not need to be pre-registered, but come by with the machine and we will normally fix it within 3 working days. We usually repair large espresso machines at the customer's site, contact our Customer Service for booking.


Monteriva handles warranty cases for all coffee machines that we have sold directly or through one of our dealers. Coffee machines are handed in to us for warranty cases. If you are considering a purchase, think about the importance of good service and support. Read more about our terms of purchase and warranty here.

Spare parts